What began as a family-run tea business back in 1917, has today grown to be an industry within itself - including the cultivation, processing, trading and packing of tea.

We are a family dedicated to the tea business in India with a clear understanding of the Indian tea drinker – his favourite flavours, his preferred style of brewing, and his desired choices.Our team includes experienced businesspersons and passionate individuals who work relentlessly to provide the very best Teas to our customers, India and abroad.From planting the right tea, including clones created after years of scientific research, to picking the best leaves- always maintaining quality, to processing-using state of the art machines, so as to be perfect even for the most discerning of consumers - we have always paid attention to every detail.

Our vision and passion, clubbed with our experience has led us to conceive the idea of 'The Tea Trove' – a dream which is now taking shape to become a much awaited reality!

At The Tea Trove we bring you freshly packed tea directly from the tea cultivators and blend them into unique and sophisticated teas. We are committed to being a sustainable and eco-friendly business venture by working hand-in-hand with the best local as well as global tea and food artisans.

We contribute back to the society by promoting a healthy lifestyle. We firmly believe in a very consistent and genuine approach to our products. Therefore, we are dedicated to delivering constant quality and genuine customer experience. We take one customer at a time and promise optimum customer satisfaction.

To provide you the ‘Trovian experience’, we never stop our research and development programs. We have an innovative approach of rediscovering the diversity and traditions of teas. We also promote diversity by empowering our employees and leveraging our customers feedback, which leads to proper harmony and results in better overall production and brings stability amongst all of us as well as the business.